Typography in Gaming

Hey everyone! After a few very long weeks we’re back at it again with another post. It makes me scratch my head sometimes at how wrong game companies can get their type. You would think that for something so wide spread they would consider having an easy to read type face for most screens. I could understand the title being the only type in a crazy font but when the navigation is as well, that’s a whole other problem.

Now I consider myself a gamer (read as: I play a lot of World of Warcraft) and so I see a lot of type in games. There have been some games I play that the type has been incredibly easy to read and others that aren’t as easy. As someone who wears glasses and is blind as a bat without them I like being about to read what’s on the screen if I’m sitting further away on my couch.

I find a lot of games lack that accessibility when it comes to cut scenes. That’s cool though, it’s not like I wanted to follow along with the story or anything when I have to have the volume really low. This blog here makes some good observations as well but it does use some strong language in parts.

Pulling a quote from another blog that can be found here:

“In general, we should consider two factors: the functional one —that the typography fulfills its mission, is easy to read, has the proper size and is exposed in the right way— and the aesthetic one —which does not clash with the general game mood and art direction—. Of course, not everything is limited to choosing the right typography, but also to make good use of it. A bad choice can have bad consequences, but a good choice also requires a further criterion.” -Raúl Gil

I believe it’s a very valid point. There is a fine line between designing type in games for functional or aesthetic purposes but I think that developers should try to lean more towards functional.

As I wrap up here, I leave you with one more blog found here. They haven’t updated since last year but the few posts they have were an interesting read through. So have a wonderful day everyone and a spooky but safe Halloween!


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